Bishop Soc speaks on the Aquino Presidency



Simply posting some random quotes from the speech of Archbishop Soc Villegas…


Fr. Jun


Bishop Soc speaks…

Different advice

A bishop—someone close to the Aquino family—had a different advice to the President.

In a speech before the Rotary Club and induction ceremonies at the Lyceum of Northwestern Philippines in Dagupan City, Archbishop Socrates Villegas of Lingayen-Dagupan said it was not enough that Aquino should have “integrity”—he should also have a leadership that unites.

“We need the spirit of integrity but also a magnanimous integrating spirit to heal all causes of division,” he said in his speech, a copy of which was provided reporters.

The archbishop said leadership should also be “vision setting.”

‘A treachery’

“Leadership without vision is treachery to the governed. Integral leadership also means setting the path towards the future. Those who set their hearts on the plow cannot keep looking back,” Villegas said.

He said the President’s possession of integrity was a good start but more was needed.

“Leadership is moving forward with excitement. The task of the leader is not only to stay clean and live by integrity,” Villegas said.

“In the ‘balanced square’ of leadership, the other three sides must be economic progress and stability; second, political will and clarity of laws; and the third is availability of education and social services,” Villegas added.

“If these three sides are given equal support connected by integrity and blameless living, even integrity itself will become part of our national ethics and the rays of bright future await us.”

Aquino ‘remains clean’

One year after the President’s oath-taking, Villegas said the Aquino name “remains clean and untarnished by any accusation of corruption even in its smallest form.”

“Although not perfect, our President has been conscientiously trying to rise above the perception that all politicians are corrupt and all politics is dirty and no one becomes a politician and stays clean. After one year in office, the first word that comes to mind to describe the present national leadership is integrity,” he said.

However, Villegas said that politicians, much like Church leaders who were required to practice what they preach, should not be content with just having integrity.

No to vendetta

“Leadership must embrace and unite not alienate and divide. Leadership must be a progressive action of seeking communion and making one. Political partisanship is for the campaign and election period. Beyond the oath-taking, the leadership must be integrating,” Villegas said.

“It must seek to unite the many apparently contrasting colors around us and paint a rainbow of harmony in the horizon.”

The archbishop said prosecution for previous wrongdoings “must be carried out to the full but such must be done in pursuit of justice not revenge.”

“Political vendetta divides even more. The true statesman must reach out and seek consensus…. The man of integrity must also be a man of unity,” Villegas said.


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